The Science of Dieting

The Environmental Makeover

Weight loss success and healthy eating boil down to three fundamental factors

  1. You

  2. Your Environment

  3. How You Interact with Your Environment

Too many companies and health & wellness experts waste far too much time and energy focusing on the “You” factor. Americans love to think that we are all different and unique, it’s part of our culture and marketers love to exploit this internal bias. In reality, we are far more similar than we are unique, especially in terms of our physiologies (how our bodies respond to food). The bottom line is, you can’t control your genes. Your genes are what they are.

You cannot control your genes, they are what they are; however, you can control your environment and how you interact with it.
— The Science of Dieting Team

This is why we help you comb through your daily habits, routines, rituals and the environments (work, home, school) that you live in. Here are a few brief examples of the types of environmental, lifestyle, roadblocks you and others might be facing and how we can circumvent them.


Donuts in the Break room


My Child’s Sugar Addiction


Cereal on the Counter


Fast Food on the Way to Work