The Science of Dieting

Diet Types with NO SHRED of EVIDENCE

Here are the popular, mainstream diet types that simply have not been studied for weight loss. One could argue that since they haven’t been studied, we don’t know whether they work or don’t work. However, based upon the 42 diet types that have been studied, we don’t think we’re going out on a limb to conclude that these diets aren’t any more effective than the diets that have been studied. Furthermore, the majority of these diets are viewed by obesity researchers and medical doctors as being so ridiculous that they don’t merit being studied.

To be fair, many of these diets are not meant to be long-term weight loss solutions in the first place and are more intended to provide short term “resets” and/or “detoxes”. If you have to lose weight quickly in a short period of time, we’d recommend you go on a meal replacement, very low calorie diet (VLCD). Fasting would be even quicker but we don’t advocate for either solution in the long term, which is what health is all about. Before going on a meal replacement diet we recommend consulting your primary care physician, especially if the diet is going to contain fewer than 1200 calories/day.

Alkaline Diet

Beverly Hills Diet

Blood Type Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet

Clean Eating

Detox Diets



Fit for Life Diet

Food Combining Diet

Gluten Free Diet

Grapefruit Diet

Hollywood Diet

Inuit Diet

Juice Fasting

Lemon Juice



Master Cleanse

Monotropic Diet

Omni Diet

Raw Food


South Beach

Subway Diet

Sugar Busters

TeaTox Diets

Warrior Diet

Whole 30