The Science of Dieting

Diet Types with DATA

We could just tell you that all diets are created equal and call it a day but we want to SHOW YOU so that you don’t have to waste any more of your time looking for the next “diet breakthrough” that is never going to come. This webpage is NOT MEANT TO HELP YOU FIND THE BEST DIET, rather it is meant to help you understand that we (weight management researchers) have tried EVERYTHING and yet, time and time again, we find that dietary adherence (how well you can stick to your diet) will predict your long term dietary success better than anything else. That’s why The Science of Dieting is so hell bent on trying to so you how to create a long-term way of eating.

The following diet types have been extensively studied and we have a pretty good idea of the results each diet type will yield. Within each diet type you will find the results of diets lasting < 6 months and longer than 6 months. Diets lasting < 6 months include all studies in which diets lasted longer than 4 weeks but were shorter than 6 months. Diets < 6 months are more of a snapshot in time, whereas, diets lasting longer than 6 months are more reflective of who you currently are.

We know you’re probably curious, so go ahead and click on each diet type to read a description of what each diet is and to learn more about the history of the diet, when it started, how many published studies there are on the diet, the pros and cons of the dietary approach, why the proponents of the diet support it, and how much weight you could expect to lose if you went on that diet type.

Alternate Day Fasting


Behavioral Based

Breakfast (large)

Caloric Restriction


Energy Density (Volumetrics)


Fish Based


High Fat


High-Fruit & Veggie


High-Unsaturated Fat

Intermittent Energy Restriction

Intermittent Fasting

Jenny Craig


Low Carb/High Fat

Low Fat/High Carb

Low Glycemic

Low Protein

Meal Replacement


Moderate Carb

Multiple Small Meals


Nutrition Education Only



Portion Controlled Plate


Sequence of Food Ingestion

Slim Fast

Slimming World

Supper (large)

Time Restricted Feeding


Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

Weight Watchers



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